Hire Days of Week Options:

  • Midweek hire - Monday install and Wednesday pick up
  • Midweek hire - Wednesday install and Friday pick up
  • Weekend hire (one extra day) - Friday install and Monday pick up [+$65.00]


Gift your friends and family unforgettable memories with our Group Paint and Cinema Package. This perfect duo is for a minimum of 5 people, and maximum of 18.

Your booking includes a painting class taught by our highly experienced artist Sylvia.

You also get to enjoy an open-air, hot tub cinema experience in your backyard.


As this booking is for a minimum of 5 people, you receive 1 portable hot tub. For bookings between 7-12, you'll receive 2 portable hot tubs, and 13-18, 3 portable hot tubs at a discounted rate.


About your class:


Sylvia has over 15 years of experience in creating and teaching art, as well as a diverse portfolio, so we'll certainly be leaving you in excellent hands. This art class is perfect for all stages, guests simply need to unwind and bring their creative juices. All art supplies are inclusive of the booking, and guests get to take their masterpieces home.


Please note, you must confirm your nominated painting class start day of week and time in the field above. For example, a midweek hire booking starting Monday could have a nominated painting class start day of Tuesday, as pick up happens the next day (Wednesday) and Tuesday selection ensures the hot tub is heated in time. In this example, selection can be presented in this manner: Tuesday, 5:45 pm.


Recommended add on: bartender or mixologist.


This booking includes:


  • Package exclusive painting class and supplies
  • Minimum overnight hire, with delivery day before for hot tub heating
  • Equipment drop off and pick up including projector, sound system and screen
  • Decor including flameless candles, fairy lights, and lanterns
  • 1 portable hot tub hire, or for number of people between 7-12 two hot tubs, or for 13-18 people, 3 hot tubs
  •  Complimentary Tubflix movie selections through USB, and/or option to connect to internet for movie streaming services

Group Paint and Cinema Package